China Tour

In the blink of an eye, Rhaissa went to the other side of the world for a tour. She attended a Brazilian Embassy invitation and won the chinese audience attention with her performance. During the show, she spoke in mandarim with people and had subtitles for all the songs exhibited on screen. The tour had shows of her first and second album, Matéria Estelar (Star Stuff) and Voilà with participation of the chinese singer Sondia 张盈. Pictures: Ariel Martini

Freestyle interaction with pictures

Flyer Tour

Matéria Estelar in Beijing

Press Conference at BrazilianEmbassy

At DDC Dusk Down Club

Pocket show at Brazilian Embassy

Looking for stars in Beijing

In the other side of the world

The music director: Daniel Galli

At Yugong Yushan

Press conference with the Ambassador

at Yugong Yushan

China Daily

Lulinha Alencar: acordeon

Voilà at DDC Beijing

Lucas Espósito: bass

Diego Gil: drums

Ft. Sondia

Daniel Galli: guittar

Voilà at Yugong Yushan